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Browse our selection of cove lighting systems, including a very low profile xenon light strip, LED rope, linkable micro-fluorescent light fixtures and tape lighting. If you need visual inspiration for cove lighting fixtures in your home, view a cove lighting installation video from the DIY Network TV show Rescue Renovation. Below you can find a range of cove lights for all types of requirements, including fluorescent cove lighting, commercial cove lighting, and low profile ceiling lights. We also offer helpful details on installing a LED cove light and tips on how to achieve the best indirect ceiling lighting.

Video - Cove Lighting Installation

Our Xenon Low Voltage Light Strip, which is great to use as cove lighting, was featured in the Rescue Renovation television show that aired on the DIY Network in September, 2010. In this episode, our cove light strip is used behind crown molding to enhance an original cove ceiling. A short commercial may appear before the cove lighting clip.

Valuable Information about Cove Lighting

Definition of Cove Lighting
Cove lighting is a low profile ceiling light fixture which gives off indirect lighting that radiates from horizontal recesses, valances, ledges and cornices, or on the ceiling or upper wall of a room. Cove lighting is occasionally called cornice lighting. The source of the cove lighting is typically concealed to provide an ambient atmosphere.
The Function of Cove Lighting
Cove lighting may be quite functional by providing most or all of the general lighting in a space or it can be purely aesthetic in nature by providing only some of the needed light for a space – sometimes in color.
The Aesthetics of Cove Lighting
Cove lighting often provides a soft, warm feel to an architectural space. Light from the cove lighting fixtures is directed upward and is distributed over the ceiling and/or the upper wall of a room. With cove lighting fixtures, the light bounces off the ceiling which usually provides very even and pleasant light throughout the room. It creates comfortable ambient light that helps to balance the space. Most people have a very positive reaction to the indirect lighting provided by cove lighting. Sometimes cove lighting can offer opportunities to be a little creative and make an aesthetic statement. This can be especially true if the cove lighting fixtures provide a tinted light.
The Light Sources Used In Cove Lighting
The light fixtures used for cove lighting may use incandescent, low voltage xenon, fluorescent, or LED. These cove light sources can provide a good deal of light, a modest amount of light, or sometimes just a hint of light depending on the needs of the space or the desires of the lighting designer. Incandescent, low voltage xenon and even SOME fluorescent light fixtures and LED lighting can be controlled by a dimmer switch. Incandescent, LED, and fluorescent lamps are all capable of providing the option of colored light if that is desirable for a design effect. Fluorescent lamps use electricity very efficiently in providing a given amount of light.
Where Can Cove Lighting Be Used?
Cove lighting can be used very successfully in a great many locations: art galleries, bathrooms, bedrooms, churches, conference rooms, dining rooms, game rooms, hallways, hotel rooms, kitchens, libraries, living rooms, museums, offices, restaurants, studies, and taverns. Depending on the amount of cove lights used, as well as the colors and proximity, it can create a range of beautiful lighting designs. Of course, the type of cove lighting fixtures will vary based on the type of space it will be installed in. For example, hotels and offices are often in need of commercial cove lighting or fluorescent cove lighting, while a museum may use low profile ceiling lights to create an intimate atmosphere. Many of our residential customers tend to use indirect ceiling lighting to create a cozy, welcoming feel in a room.
Where Should Cove Lighting Be Placed?
The top of the LED cove light or light strip should be located about 10-14 inches from the ceiling and designed in such a way as to allow the light coming from the cove to "wash" as much of the ceiling as possible with light. Our low profile ceiling light fixtures make this possible since they are easily tucked into small coves and spaces.
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