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Pantries, closets, and storage rooms are typically the darkest areas in any home, yet they are the rooms that would benefit the most from a lighting makeover. A simple way to do this is with closet lighting or even wireless lighting fixtures for a quick but dramatic change. Our wide selection of high-quality ceiling lights, microfluorescent fixtures and shelf lighting will provide everything you need to bring light into your closets. For valuable tips on closet lighting ideas with wireless light fixtures, view our Closet Lighting Tips video.

Video - Closet, Pantry, and Storage Area Lighting Tips

In this video we show how using wireless LED battery operated lights and microfluorescent fixtures are great closet lighting ideas.

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Closet Lighting FAQs

Q) Which is the easiest fixture to install?
A) The LED battery operated ceiling light. This popular pick from our range of wireless lighting fixtures can be mounted virtually anywhere because it does not require wiring. Installation for this closet light fixture involves simply screwing in a mounting plate to the ceiling. However, remember the LED battery operated ceiling light should only be used in areas where there is no other source of light, as its motion activation feature only works in darkness. All of the microfluorescent fixtures are other closet lighting options that are also extremely easy to install.
Q) Which fixture is recommended for pantry lighting?
A) Any of our microfluorescent fixtures are ideal for pantries. If you install the lights so that they line the door frame, you can illuminate the entire pantry and hide the fixture. In fact, one of our employees added valuable lighting to his closet using these very fixtures. Read about his project at
Q) How do I know which microfluorescent fixture to choose?
A) We offer a variety of options to fit all types of closet lighting ideas. Before picking closet light fixtures, determine the size of the light bulb you prefer first. T5 fixtures, at ⅝ of an inch in diameter, are slightly larger than T4 fixtures, which are an inch. Next, consider how much light you need from the closet light fixtures. We have High Output fixtures, which are the brightest option out of our range of closet lighting fixtures, as they draw more electrical current. We also have twin fixtures, which are composed of two lamps side-by-side.
Q) What do you recommend for closets and pantries with shelves?
A) Make sure to install some type of under cabinet light if you have opaque shelving units; otherwise, any areas under the shelves will be shadowy and dark. Our LED under cabinet lights are great options because they are extremely energy efficient. We offer a number of low-profile LED fixtures when you have an available outlet in your closet. If you are short on convenient outlets and are looking for the easiest solution, choose the LED Battery Operated Puck Lights or other wireless light fixtures.
Q) What type of light switch is best for closet fixtures in storage areas?
A) Our Door Jamb Light Switch features automatic activation so there's no need to turn a switch to manually activate your closet lighting fixtures. When you open the door, the light turns on; when you close the door, the light goes off. Unfortunately, the Door Jamb Light Switch is difficult to install after construction is completed. It is highly recommended for new construction where closet fixtures have not yet been installed.

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