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Now In: #BringTheLight Campaign - Celebrating 15 Years

#BringTheLight Campaign - Celebrating 15 Years

by Chris Johnson

Bring the Light campaign

In May 2014, we celebrated our 15th anniversary as Pegasus Lighting! But this was no ordinary celebration. Instead of throwing a party, we launched a month-long campaign called Bring the Light, in which we partnered with Unite to Light, a non-profit organization that provides low-cost solar lighting to communities without electricity around the world.

Unite to Light's solar fixtures have two very significant impacts on the communities that receive them: They allow students to study after dark, increasing their chances of passing exams and creating options for the future, and they reduce reliance on kerosene, which has health hazards. Because in many cases students must pass rigorous exams in order to continue their educations past seventh grade, having a light with which to study at night can be life-changing for the youth and for their communities.

During May 2014, we donated $1500 worth of Unite to Light solar products to a village without electricity in northern Ghana. We also sold Unite to Light's two solar powered LED lighting products, and for every 15 Unite to Light products our customers purchased or donated, we donated an additional light, for a value of up to $1000. We even gave away snazzy t-shirts to the first 200 people to purchase or donate Unite to Light solar LED products!

Bring the Light was about giving customers the chance to take part in something truly meaningful. It was the best way we could think of to express our gratitude for having been able to provide quality lighting to our awesome customers for a decade and a half! Thanks for a brilliant 15 years, everyone, and here's to 15 more!

To learn more about Unite to Light please visit their website at

Written by Chris Johnson

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