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Battery Operated Lights

Add critical lighting to an indoor or outdoor darkened area quickly and easily using a battery operated light fixture - no electrical outlet needed. Our selection of battery operated lighting offers many different types of uses and all have energy-efficient LEDs and are powered by either lithium-ion, lithium coin, AAA, AA, C, or D batteries.

Battery Powered Lights Are Problem Solvers

Many Uses
Battery spotlight shining on a walkwayBattery powered light fixtures are everywhere! Why? Simple. There are so many situations where cordless lighting is more convenient. In fact, there is almost no end to the number of places where battery power lights can be used. Plus, since they come in many different shapes and sizes they can meet almost any need.
Battery operated lights brighten trouble spots around your home and add convenience in day-to-day life without breaking your wallet. The evolution of highly efficient LED chips has allowed battery powered lights to become practical DIY solutions. Many of our high quality cordless lights include handy features such as motion sensing, auto dusk-to-dawn operation, auto-off timers, and long battery life.
Wirelessly Brighten Outdoor Walkways and Landscapes
Wireless LED spotlights and path lights from Mr. Beams are very popular battery powered lights. It is difficult and expensive to run outdoor electrical wires long distances, so customers use these to illuminate landscapes, steps, patios, and even sheds. Light your plants and outdoor areas while making walkways safer when you install outdoor battery operated lights.
Make Artwork Pop
Picture lights are fantastic for enhancing artwork, but the 10-foot cord running to the nearest outlet can often distract from the enhanced effect if you do not have a natural way to hide it. Cordless picture lights eliminate the unsightly cord without the added expense of hiring an electrician to hardwire the fixture. An added perk is that battery powered picture lights use LEDs, which are safest for lighting precious artwork due to minimal UV/IR radiation.
Battery ceiling fixture lighting a closetIlluminate Nooks and Crannies
Fumbling in the dark to find your umbrella from the coat closet under the stairs is no fun, particularly if you have to turn on a fluorescent ceiling fixture for 10 seconds just to find it. It is not only wasting electricity but it is also decreasing the life of fluorescent light bulbs. These dark zones around your home are where battery operated lights can really make a lot of sense.
Imagine opening your closet or pantry and being greeted by bright, crisp light that is perfectly directed toward your task and that will automatically turn off when you shut the door or leave the room. Our battery powered closet lights are up to the challenge and can be installed in minutes.

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